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This Cash'Em All review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Cash'Em All:

Here's what we know about the Cash'Em All app so far!

hey everyone it's Vince here welcome back to another review ladies and gentlemen on today's video we're going to be finding out is cash em all legit or is it another fake money making application now the thing is everyone cash em all has been around for quite a while.


I actually reviewed this application around seven months ago on my channel and i actually had quite a pleasant experience with it but on today's video we're going to be having another look at cash em all to see is it actually still paying its players or not now i do hope you enjoy please remember of course to hit like and subscribe be sure to drop a comment as well telling me your experience with casual more.


If you've ever used it as i love to see your feedback now let's kick off this review something to keep in mind with kasha mall is that it greatly depends on your country your age and your gender now i dislike applications that do this kind of system but i do understand that it might be necessary for some countries but the problem is here guys i can show you my experience with kashamu and how much money i earned in your country it's probably going to be completely different you might earn more than me or you might earn much less than me it all depends on certain factors which i hope that you guys can understand going into.


If you're going to use cash em all or not so that's just like a pre-warning as well here cash em all has an in-game currency system that's based on coins so the longer you play games for the more coins that you can actually earn the amount of coins you earn per game or application will change greatly again on your country so please keep this in mind what you're seeing on my screen for the minimum cash outs and the available cash out options might change greatly on where you live here in Australia it is around 5 000 coins for about 67 cents now it goes all the way up to 26 though for 182 000 of these in-game coins i was able to actually get some applications and games that were paying me around 300 or 200 of the in-game coins for a certain time threshold that's how this application works and that's how a majority of these applications work you play a game or an application for a certain amount of time.


Then it rewards you with a certain amount of coins now the difficulty goes up though each time you get paid these coins so for one threshold think of it this way right you have about 500 coins for five minutes of gameplay but then it will say to you okay you've just been paid the 500 coins now i want you to play the game for 15 minutes to get 700 coins do you see what i mean guys it's an increasing difficulty scale system with most of these money making applications that reward you for time play so cash em all is really no different it's all the same concept they want you to play apps and games for longer with really not increasing the reward that much each threshold.


this is why some of these applications take so long to even reach that minimum cash out for the actual payout methods i was offered both paypal and itunes i've never personally tested the itunes method though since i don't have an apple product in my house but maybe you guys out there that use apple products might find this handy okay i usually stick to PayPal only so now it's time to talk about the actual money making process on cash em all and what you guys can expect essentially all you need to do is go into the home page of cash em all you'll find an application or a game you want to install you just install it through the cash em all app and then you just play it it's as simple as that really it's not rocket science guys.


What you need to realize though is that some applications will pay much much better than others and the thing is something I've noticed about cash em all this time around is that the applications that they're asking us to play kind of remind me of the fake money making applications so I'm just going to give you a warning right now I'm not too sure if cash em all understands what these applications are that they're allowing onto their app but they are very odd to me because these are like fake money making applications that they're making us play so i would really hope that if someone from cash or more was watching this video or one of the staff members you maybe go through and investigate the applications you're making your players actually use okay because there's something very fishy about some of these applications that cash em all's asking us to play for the in-game coins.


now i do understand that cash em all itself is just a platform for these developers to get their games onto but i'm just saying guys be careful out there of some of the apps okay just play them get your in-game currency and then leave them don't get invested into the apps themselves because i feel like some of them are just flat out fake money making apps that they're making you play so please keep that in mind that's my little warning to you but besides all the possible scam apps that this application was making me play it was a pretty smooth experience guys i did have some fun playing the legitimate fun applications that cash em all was allowing me to install what i want you all to understand there is a wallet system on cash em all i recommend you check this wallet system regularly to make sure the application is updating your play time correctly.


I've seen and heard from countless people that these applications sometimes do not record your time correctly funny enough one of the fellow colleagues and one of my friends here on YouTube that cover these type of surveys and money making apps called mike actually had an experience on one two cash where it didn't count his time correctly so please keep this in mind everyone always check these apps to make sure they're counting your time correctly and really developers should not be allowing this type of mishap and glitch to happen because we're wasting so many hours on these apps just to earn a tiny amount of money cash em all features an inviter friend system as well where essentially you invite a friend.



they join up and they get around 250 coins worth of the in-game currency plus I'm fairly sure you earn 25 of their earnings permanently if I'm correct now this kind of system everyone i don't care for it much at the end of the day these type of applications don't really reward you that many coins for referring your friends as i mentioned guys you have to think the minimum cash out for even 67 cents here in Australia is 5 000 coins and they're only going to reward you with 250 coins for inviting a friend i guess i should be happy they're rewarding us with anything but i would much rather these applications actually make it beneficial for us to get our friends involved with them because these apps take up so much of your time you really don't understand until you use one okay to put it into perspective here i tried to cash out the three dollars in about 37 cents worth of Australian currency and it took me seven hours or so to get to that cash out point so seven hours of gameplay time to only get three dollars and 37 cents mind you.

I probably watched over 100 advertisements during this experience of clocking up those hours is this an application you really want to put your friends on to if they don't have time because luckily enough i can find the time to do this during my day but for some people that's just not acceptable so in reality seven hours of work if you consider that work just playing games or apps seven hours of that to get only three dollars and 37 cents that might not be worth it at all so as long as you keep this in mind guys that will probably decide if you want to use cash em all or not and at the end of the day it all doesn't matter if cash em all is not legit so it's time to move on to the payment proof section.



it's time to talk about is cash em all actually legitimate or is it fake so at the end of the day my goal as i mentioned at the start of the video was to get to the minimum cash out as fast as i could but then i decided to go one step further and clock up around 24 000 coins to cash out three dollars and 37 cents or so Australian currency the experience was smooth as i said i didn't really have any major issues to be honest cash em all was actually quite a solid experience i just didn't like really some of the applications they were forcing us to play as i consider them fake money making applications so very interesting concept here we have an app that's paying us to play some fake money making apps it just doesn't make sense to me either way the cashier was to PayPal and it took about one and a half days or so for that PayPal money to hit my account so yes everyone cash em all did actually pay me which was fantastic to see and it's good to see that these developers just dice are still actually paying their player base so there you go everyone i hope this review helped some of you out there please remember to hit like and subscribe if you enjoyed i'll be back in one to two days stay safe and I'll see you next video see you later.

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