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This Cash Alarm review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On Cash Alarm:

Here's what we know about the Cash Alarm app so far!

Hey everyone it's Vince here welcome to my cash alarm review for the android ladies and gentlemen the dream of earning money through playing games is something that lots of people out there want to achieve okay and cash alarm is promising me and you this type of dream so on today's video we're going to find out if it's legit or if it's a scam.


So cash alarm has an in-game currency that you get rewarded every time you complete a level on this application so unlike some other money making applications I've covered on this channel already where you just simply have to open the app up and get rewarded for each minute you spend playing the game cash alarm requires you to complete levels at least here in Australia that's the massive thing about these applications guys depending on your country your experience is going to be different so here in Australia.


I'm required to complete levels to earn the in-game currency of coins that then i can exchange into real-life money on cash alarm each application has a different set of coins that are rewarded to me for completing levels on them on the screen right now you're going to be seeing the different cash out options that cash alarm has available i have both PayPal and iTunes currency rewards and the great thing about cash alarm is that it has a super low cash out threshold.


I just quickly wanted to mention please remember to hit like and subscribe drop a comment as well it all helps my channel grow and be sure to join my free newsletter links in the description below thank you everyone cash alarm also has a pretty interesting invite of friend system if you guys want to invite people that you know to use this application where if i invite you i earn 25 of the coins that you earn and in return you earn 25 of the coins that i earn through using the application so that's something to note here.


The one massive positive thing that i can say about cash alarm at least here in my country when i used it is that i had a multitude of different applications to play which is always a great sign guys the worst thing that you can do with an application like this is limit the user to one or two applications so if you happen to be in that situation right now while trying cash alarm what i recommend you do is check out my top 32 paying app list to try and find some better applications that will pay you for playing games but at least i was able to actually play five to ten different applications to earn that in-game currency of coins I'm not gonna go too in depth into the games that i was allowed to play because at the end of the day guys you're here to see the cash alarm review.



I will say to you though that the games that i was allowed to play on cash alarm to earn money were very fun so as you can see on the screen there's various different types of applications that i actually did try out to earn those coins some are harder than others though to earn the coins so keep that in mind usually on these type of applications like cash alarm the higher paying games are a little bit more challenging where you might need to watch more advertisements on them because you'll notice each of the applications will require you to watch advertisements.


I suspect that developers pay cash alarm to advertise their applications on cash alarm and in return us the players play their applications and watch advertisements to put money back into the developers pockets and we get like a smidge of the advertising revenue but all around no complaints in the games that i was allowed to play they were super fun and sometimes very challenging i do want to note that you can complete surveys and in-game offers as well on cash alarm but i never found the use for these as the reason why i'm using this application in the first place is to play games and earn money i don't really want to complete tasks or complete surveys but the options are there in case you want to do that now it's time to talk about the actual cash out process so here in Australia.


I didn't have to do any type of face identification or mobile phone verification all i needed to do was literally just confirm my email address that i signed up on and then i was able to cash out my PayPal currency i did this a total of two times everyone and both of those payments came within 24 hours so yes cash alarm is legit and it only took me roughly six hours in total to get around three dollars and fifty cents or so worth of Australian currency now that's not heaps okay let's be real this is not an application that's going to make you rich or anything but it is nice to play some games and get a little bit of pocket change while doing it thanks for watching guys i hope you enjoyed the review I'll see you all tomorrow for another money making video see you later.

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