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This BuzzVideo review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On BuzzVideo:

Here's what we know about the BuzzVideo app so far!


Hey everyone Vince here welcome to my Buzzvideo review I hope you enjoy let's kick this off BuzzFeed is a application that is promising you guys out there real life money to watch videos under the about app section it literally says watching video show and get cash rewards for you now watching videos to earn money is something that we've covered here on the channel before but if we scroll down to the bottom of the page you'll see that it has over 500 000 downloads an application.


With this many downloads definitely has to be legit right well before you jump into Buzzvideo let me just show you my experience so this is the Buzzfeed video screen essentially this feed will have all the YouTube videos that you can apparently watch now you'd probably think if I watch some of these videos I'll start earning some money right that's not actually the case with Buzzvideo at least in my country of Australia I can watch some of these videos on this feed but from what I noticed it doesn't contribute at all to earning currency on the application.


So now that I've mentioned that let's break down exactly how Buzzvideo expects you to earn real money on it at the bottom of the screen you're going to find three tabs the first tab is the feed tab where you'll find all the YouTube videos second tab is the reward tab where you'll find the cash out options and earning options third tab is the profile tab where you can modify your account we've already seen the feed tab so we'll move on to the rewards tab now so this is the rewards tab of Buzzvideo and as you can see it's pretty straightforward we really don't have too many different options to look at here at the top of the screen you'll see that there's two different offer wall selection.

Now in my country of Australia these are completely blank which I'll show you now tapping on the iron Opera wall does absolutely nothing and tapping on the OK spin-off will takes me to a blank page saying that I have no offers available so that's already a big problem for my earning potential now underneath that you'll see the get rewarded area we're going to talk about this in a second because this is where I start to have a big problem with Buzzvideo and I feel like you guys out there will as well underneath need the get rewarded tab we have the daily check-in area this is where we'll earn some free currency for checking in on a daily basis so let me just check in now to claim my 800 free currency done at the bottom of the screen.


You can see he's just rewarded me and if I check back tomorrow apparently I'll earn 1 000 of the currency now at the bottom you see that this is the daily task area and this is where you earn a majority of your currency for the Buzzvideo application as you can see we have multiple different tasks rewarding us with various thousands of coins to complete each of these specific missions now because the offer wall isn't available in my country I'm not going to be able to actually complete some of these tasks which is a big letdown because I checked in for the day there's a task available so I'm just going to claim that now as well as you can see I just claimed it and now I have an extra 1500 coins.


Now that you have the grasp on the earn tab let's head over to the account tab now this is the account tab you'll see at the top of the screen it has your username and then your account balance my current balance is twelve thousand and 50 coins this number is very important to note okay because we're about to run a test so you guys can see how much you can earn while watching videos on the application let me just quickly show you the cash out area of Buzzvideo so this is the withdrawal area in my country.


All I have is the PayPal option for you to activate this area you need to enter in your mobile number your full name and your email address that you use for the PayPal account at least that's what I was prompted to me that's a bit extensive personally for them to need your mobile number this is the cash out page as you can see we have various different amounts here of currency and coins needed to be able to cash out for two dollars USD it's 2 million coins for five dollars USD it's 5 million coins 10 USD is 10 million coins 20 USD is 20 million coins while 50 USD is 50 million coins if that sounds like a lot that's because it is ladies and gentlemen let me just show you how much coins you earn by watching one single video so now I'm back on the reward tab.


I'm going to tap the get rewarded little button and it will play an advertisement for me to watch now remember my balance is twelve thousand and fifty coins look how much my balance goes up after watching One ad okay so now I'm watching the advertisement which of course is a scam application who would have thought that would have happened right now we're back it literally only paid me 250 coins now with a minimum cash out of 2 million coins.


 Watching an advertisement allowed the developer to at least earn two to three cents off me watching that one advertisement based on my country well they only gave me literally 250 coins which wouldn't even equal anywhere near to one single Cent from 12 050 balance we only have 12 300 balance from one video ad that is such a tiny amount looking at the daily task area though you'll notice that there is a daily task for me to watch the ads apparently if I watch five of those ads I will get 2 000 of the coins so breaking down the maths essentially I'll earn roughly about 3 000 coins for watching five advertisements.


Thanks to that daily task from what I've seen though it might fluctuate in price on the coins that you get rewarded per ad so let me just try it again so I've got the same scam advertisement again now let's check the bottom of the screen nope it's 250 coins again I'm telling you now everyone if your minimum cash out is as high as mine this is probably one of the biggest waste of time applications I've ever seen in my life all you're doing at this point is giving that developer sweet sweet money the fact that it claims that you can watch shows and then earn money is a complete joke in reality.


All you're doing is watching advertisement while getting daily tasks to earn a tiny fraction of coins because I decided to give up before trying to cash out on the application I'm not going to say I believe it's the scam but I am going to say I believe it's the biggest waste of time possible even with that daily task section which apparently will pay you various different amounts of coins developer has only made one application and bolted after they put this on the Play store which is another big red flag plus there are literally no reviews for an application that has been downloaded over 500 000 times something does not add up with Buzzvideo I recommend you stay away I was not able to find any payment proof of Buzzvideo either which is another big red flag thanks for watching guys I'll see you all tomorrow.

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