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This Brave Browser review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Brave Browser:

Here's what we know about Brave Browser so far!


Remember that this is my own personal experience in Australia so you might have a completely different one in your country but all I can do is just share what I've personally gone through on the Brave Browser. I hope that you guys enjoy this video.


Welcome to my Brave Browser Review! This video will explain exactly how you can earn money online searching the internet with Brave Rewards BAT Tokens! You will be seeing my Brave Browser payment proof as well as a tutorial how to earn with it as it might be confusing to someone!



Hello everyone vince here welcome to my brave browser review today we are going to see if you can actually make real life money by browsing the web on the brave browser i hope you enjoy let's kick this off for those who do not know brave browser is an internet browser that allows you to surf the web with minimal to no advertisements or website tracking something that i've noticed on brave is that they have a rewards program that is apparently going to reward you guys out there with cryptocurrency tokens or simply just using their browser to surf the web or even watch videos in some cases.


the cryptocurrency token that it will reward you with is called the basic attention token aka a bat token now brave does have its own mobile phone application as well this video is going to be focused on the desktop version though so i just want to make that clear at the time of this recording one single bat token roughly equals about 40 cents of usd currency but thanks to it being a cryptocurrency token obviously the bat token is going to fluctuate in price on a daily basis for instance at the start of 2022 the bat token was valued at about 1.25 usd and obviously the world is in quite a crazy state right now once you've installed the brave browser you'll notice that it has an extremely simple and easy to understand layout it literally acts like a normal internet browser aka google chrome for instance.



once you've opened up a new tab on the brave browser you can actually see what it's doing behind the scenes for you for instance you can see the total advertisements and trackers braves blocked for you you can see the bandwidth that it saved by blocking those advertisements and the total time that you would have wasted watching those advertisements as well so those little stats are interesting just on their own but what today's video is focusing on is the money making aspect to it so after downloading and installing the brave browser you will need to join the brave rewards program.


this will allow brave to show you ads based on your browsing habits and then in return brave will give you a small portion of a bat token each add that shown i'll get into the specifics in a second but let me just show you how to actually start earning here so you have two ways to turn on the ads in my experience where the url bar is on the brave browser if you look just to the right of it you can see a triangle icon this is the bat token icon if you tap that you'll see the history and statistics for your earning on the brave browser you'll notice there's a little cogwheel or settings icon there if you tap that it will take you to the brave rewards page where you can turn on your advertisement same concept goes when you create a new tab you'll notice that there's a brave rewards area from there if you hit the settings option.


s you can turn on the brave rewards ads once on the brave rewards ad setting page you can decide how many advertisements you want to see per hour using the brave browser now from what i've experienced i think that maximum's around 10 ads per hour and obviously the more ads you see the more that you actually earn so that's something to keep in mind here everyone though something else to keep in mind you will have to be active on the brave browser for an advertisement to appear at least in my personal experience i couldn't just leave the brave browser on 24 7 and then ads just keeps showing non-stop the browser actually had to see your browsing website or watching youtube videos or actually doing something on it to display an ad so please keep that in mind as well you will actually have to use the browser for an ad to appear.


at least to my knowledge i mainly saw these ads at the bottom of my screen or when opening a new tab now of course depending on your country you might have a different experience but that's what i had here in australia and on my time using brave if you guys enjoy what i do here on youtube please don't forget to hit like subscribe drop a comment share this to anyone you think would like to see it and of course join my free newsletter you guys are helping me get to 80 000 subscribers so thank you so much now to break down the actual earning experience i had each ad that i saw promoted by the brave browser rewarded me with roughly 0.010 to 0.025 fat tokens so depending on how many i earned per ad it would actually take multiple days for me to earn one single bat token and obviously that converts into whatever the back price is at the current time so at the moment i would earn about 40 cents per one of these bat tokens in reality that's really not that bad at all guys for literally just browsing the web.


this is doing something i would have done anyway so it is nice that brave does have this little passive rewards kind of element to it and of course brave does have the ad blocker as well so you won't be bombarded with multiple ads across the website you visit although i do want to talk about that in a second because i do see a downside to it as well here's what the official brave website says about the ad viewing and earning on their platform earn tokens by viewing brave private ads ads presented are based on your interests as inferred from your browsing behavior no personal data or browsing history ever leaves your browser now the actual payouts of the bat token are rewarded on a monthly basis so even though you're generating all these bat tokens while browsing every hour on brave you won't actually have those tokens edited to you until the end of the month so please always keep this in mind i was able to generate two bat tokens in roughly two to three months.


but that was because of me barely using the brave browser to be honest with you guys i was using google chrome completely out of habit but something i can promise you if you're in one of these countries like australia or america united kingdom and you use a brave browser regularly you'll easily clock up multiple bat tokens i can't imagine why you couldn't something to keep in mind as well is that the bat tokens are stored on your local brave browser environment and what that means is that it's almost like brave has an internal wallet which is completely separate to a virtual wallet where you can actually buy trade and sell these bat tokens for you to do that and to actually convert your bat tokens into real life cash you'll have to create a wallet through one of braves partners from what i can tell the cryptocurrency wallet that supports the bat token are two separate ones one's called uphold and the other one is called gemini now i totally think that this might put some people off from using the brave browser just because it does get a little bit complicated with the actual wallet system and then more than likely you'll have to submit real life identification to actually validate these wallets.


i know that some people might not be comfortable with submitting their identification online but i just thought i'd mention that so you know full well what you're getting yourself into when you create one of these wallets and if you expect to make real life money with the bat token brave is a very interesting concept to me the whole fact that you can get rewarded just by browsing the web is actually very appealing something that i do want to say though is that i can see some people having an issue with this especially content creators or website owners the reason for that is because obviously brave blocks advertisements when you guys block advertisements that means that we as creators don't get paid so i just want to make that clear guys i completely understand where some people are coming from online where they might not like this concept.


i mean i'm open to it because i love seeing progression in the sphere of earning online and thankfully brave does allow you to actually donate your bat tokens to creators if they're registered on their partner program so maybe that's something i'll look into one day not all doom and gloom as a creator so if you feel like you want to give away your tokens or donate them on a monthly basis to other people that brave has verified then you're more than welcome to do so fantastic concept i can definitely see it's going to help people out there if they want to earn some cryptocurrency just by browsing the web if you guys want to earn more cryptocurrency online completely for free be sure to check out my youtube channel as i have multiple different videos showing how to do just that i hope you enjoyed the video i'll catch you all tomorrow for another review see you next time.

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