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This Bling Games review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Here's what we know about Bling Games so far!


Hey everyone it's vince here welcome back to another review ladies and gentlemen on today's review i am covering seven different bitcoin earning applications all from the same developer called bling financial now this developer essentially makes games where we can earn bitcoin by playing them i think the way they actually manage to pay us the bitcoin is from us watching advertisements on their apps and then they give us like a fraction of the advertisement revenue that's the best example that i can think of here of how they're actually able to pay us everyone because yes there are advertisements on these applications.



as i said i'm covering seven of them so we have a lot to go through on today's video please remember to hit like and subscribe if you enjoyed as always let's kick off this review now just to be clear here this is not paypal related so you will need a coinbase crypto wallet to be able to actually withdraw your cryptocurrency that you've earned through the bling applications to this wallet okay by the looks of it bling only accepts coinbase at the moment now what you do with your funds once it reaches your coinbase account that's completely up to you i do know that some people like to eventually build up enough cryptocurrency to then trade it on cryptocurrency trading platforms but for now i'm just going to be reviewing all seven of the applications and showing you exactly how much bitcoin i made through playing these applications up to their daily limit of up to 20 levels per app per day.






you can have one single account between all seven of the cryptocurrency earning applications with these apps the thing is they're mostly skill based so they're really casual games where you have to try and do a certain task before the time runs out so essentially you have 20 attempts to get as far as you can on each of these applications but once you're actually finished with one of the applications you can then switch to the next one and your balance that you earned on the last app will actually roll over to the next application because you're sharing an account the currency system as well is very straightforward essentially it's just you earn coins from completing levels you turn those coins into bitcoin itself it's very easy to understand everyone each of the levels depend on the game itself but roughly from what i could see each of these levels would give you around a thousand coins to 2 000 coins depending on how hard the levels actually are.


the first application i tried was called bitcoin blast now bitcoin blast is a very generic and casual game think of it this way you have bitcoins on the screen and you need to match the colors together it's very easy to understand but as you progress throughout the game it does get harder and harder obviously you'll have new objectives to complete and different things to match up together in general it really is a simple application to understand okay i think anyone would get the grasp of it very quickly as you can see on the screen i earned around 20 to 30 000 coins most of the applications are rewarded me this amount as well next up is bitcoin blocks now again this is just another very generic and casual game all you need to do is match the colors together of the bitcoin blocks you really can't ask for easier apps ladies and gentlemen and again as you progress through the app obviously it will get harder as time goes on but as i said i think really anyone should be able to understand this application as well okay literally tap on the same colors of the bitcoin blocks and you'll be just fine okay so the next application is called bitcoin pop now bitcoin pop again another fun application very easy to understand all you need to do is pop the cryptocurrency little balls simple as that everyone it's not hard aim the balls up shoot them at the other balls and match the colors.



then you earn some coins i love basic applications like these because you can just sit back and pretty much play them anywhere in the world on your phone it's nice to see that these applications don't require too much strategy because i know a lot of people out there really can't be bothered when it comes to smashing out strategy when you're just trying to earn a few dollars here and there but that's bitcoin pop everyone very fun little application so the next application is called bitcoin food fight now bitcoin food fight to me is a very fun application all you do is throw little knives at pieces of fruit in the middle of the screen again you cannot complain here guys essentially though don't hit your own knives that are stuck in the fruit or the food and you should be completely fine this app does get quite hard though because you have to time your shots just right or you end up failing because obviously you hit your own knife in my head though i thought that this was probably one of the more fun apps to play on the bling application list just because of how simple it is and it can get very challenging which i do appreciate as well.


but again i know some people might not like this app because they might find it too hard but i feel like you should just give it a shot everyone because to me it's a very basic application that i feel like most of you guys out there can really do good at the next app is called sweet bitcoin now this is another match 3 type of application but this one actually does get quite difficult i had some problems trying to pass some of the levels on sweet bitcoin everyone again match 3 type of app as i said but it does get quite hard so if you guys like these type of applications that will get quite difficult quite fast then you'll probably like sweet bitcoin a lot the whole goal match 3 spread bubble gum around the screen and just try and pop the objects on the screen to get to the certain end of the level it's pretty straightforward to understand once you play it you know exactly what i'm talking about.



as you can see on the screen here you've probably seen applications like this before and i'm sure you've played them as well again i didn't really think this was the funnest app to play in my personal opinion compared to what we've covered so far but maybe you guys out there will really like it the next application is called bitcoin solitaire now i'm sure you can imagine what this is everyone it's solitaire that rewards you with some bitcoin for playing it okay and now i don't really know solitaire that well but i feel like if you do know solitaire you could really blitz through this with no problems the thing is though there is a guide or a hint system on this application that does help new players so thankfully i was able to actually complete all 20 tries and actually earn bitcoin from this app thanks to the hint system that taught me how to play so even if you are completely new you can still kind of understand how to play thanks to the hint system that teaches you on bitcoin solitaire so please keep that in mind a fun app all around if you understand solitaire now the last app is called bitcoin sudoku everyone now i've never played sudoku in my life thank god for the hint system that bling actually puts into their applications or i would be completely screwed so if you ever play sudoku is the exact same concept try and find the missing numbers and try not to match with numbers that are already in the little area that you're trying to find the missing numbers in that's pretty much sudoku from what i can tell guys now i did play on the easy difficulty though because i have no idea what i'm doing on sudoku but if you've played sudoku before you would probably ace this with no problems.


i had no problem with this application once i learned how to use it and i feel like if you don't know how to play sudoku definitely try and read the hint system and the tutorial system that this application has on it and you'll probably learn very quick now i didn't play to the end of my tries i think i went about 10 levels in and then i ended up just giving up everyone because at this point i pretty much reached where i want to be to be able to cash out now and to give you the definitive proof of cashing out on bling applications as a whole now it's time for the moment of truth with these cryptocurrency earning applications so i generated around 200k worth of in-game currency now the thing is everyone i don't know what kind of money you're expecting me to receive but i issued a withdrawal request and managed to get paid by bling in about three hours or so which was great to see the only thing is everyone the received amount for 220k of the in-game coins was about 17 cents now before you guys go crazy just think of it this way though okay the market value of bitcoin is very high right now the whole point of cryptocurrency is that you really want to get in when it's low so if you were to play these apps at the start of let's say when bitcoin was around 40 000 value instead of 80 000 value.


which it is now here in australia you'd probably get double that amount or even more the whole problem is here though is that i feel like a lot of people out there do not have the time just to earn a few cents here and there for cryptocurrency so while i do appreciate that bling pays us out i don't really like the amount that we get paid hopefully that makes sense everyone because i sat playing these applications for five and a half hours straight to get only around 17 cents so that toss-up of you know me sitting on my phone for five and a half hours so only get 17 cents doesn't really seem that worth it now does it but for the people that don't care and just really like these applications then this is the application for you but for the people that really want to try and generate some decent amount of money at least a few dollars from playing crypto apps then i can't really recommend this application because you won't receive it fast the only way that you're going to be able to generate like five or ten dollars on these bling applications is if you don't cash out straight away but you start really bulking up your wallet so every day play all seven of the applications and then try and generate as many coins as you can throughout the week i just don't see the worth in everyone personally but the choice is yours if you want to use it or not my job was just to test out the app so hopefully you got the answer you're looking for on today's review thank you so much for watching i'll catch you all in one to two days for the next review see you next time.

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