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Thoughts On Bizdustry:

Here's what we know about Bizdustry so far!


This Bizdustry review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Remember depending on your country your experience may change on Bizdustry but all I can do is show you my own earning experience based on living in Australia! I really do like the concept of this platform.

Welcome to my review! This money making platform allows you to earn legit money each time you post a comment for free! I think is a great platform that will deliver the payment proof you seek but it will take some time and effort.



Hey everyone Vince here what if I told you there was a way for you guys to make money by literally posting comments on a form I've actually never seen a money making platform like the one I'm going to show you today and that platform is called Bizdustry.


What Is Bizdustry?

 Bizdustry is a money making platform that pays its users for being active on their forms I'm going to give you my thoughts of this platform on today's review I hope you enjoy let's kick this off!


Bizdustry seems to be a money-making form where a whole bunch of people that enjoy making money online come together to discuss various ways to actually do so I've been on Bizdustry for about a month now and I have to say the users are all very welcoming there you'll find that there is a whole bunch of active users there at the moment the way that you actually earn the cash is by either creating topics or replying to existing topics to generate the platform's currency of biz notes.



Earning Experience On Bizdustry

1 thousand Bizdustry equals one real life USD dollar and every time you create a post on Bizdustry you generate 20 biz notes or at least that's what I was able to generate let me just break down the earning process on Bizdustry stream so as you can see here biz notes have a real-world value at 10 biz notes per us penny we can actually withdraw our biz notes into USD or crypto members of Bizdustry can actually earn biz notes by registering to the website to gain 50 biz notes straight off the bat referring people to earn 1 000 biz notes which equals one dollar instantly per referral and by posting a reply each reply will give you 20 or more biz notes members can also purchase biz notes by going to the currency page.


we'll talk about that in a second and as you can see the breakdown is right there of one dollar USD equals 1 000 biz notes there are quite a bit of rules to Bizdustry, so you can't just create an account and then spam the forms because at the time of this recording the forms are actually heavily moderated not only that if the moderators or administrators seem fit they will actually remove your posts and ban your account as well if they don't see you contributing in a helpful and informative way something else you'll notice down here it says users may earn a maximum of 50 posts per day regardless on whether or not they buy the VIP membership now this is one of the things that I found interesting about Bizdustrys that they have a VIP system.


VIP System

if you want to withdraw your money on Bizdustry you'll need to be a VIP member there are two ways I'm fairly sure of actually achieving this or at least the ones that I personally found what you are seeing here is the VIP packages that Bizdustry currently has now at the moment the standard VIP costs 240 dollars per year but as you can see you can earn two cents per reply with a max 60 credited events per day so if I can understand that correctly you only get credited 2 cents 60 times max per day if you create a topic though you can earn 5 cents per topic with a maximum of 10 times per day and as you can see you can actually withdraw all earnings there are also different tiers to the VIPs as well.


 What I recommend you do is head over there and actually investigate each of the different tiers to see which one you'd possibly want to purchase as you can see here there is a four dollar per month option to access the marketplace this has its own different types of benefits as well what you are seeing on the screen right now are the different packages available to purchase on Bizdustry each of these packages has their own advantages obviously each of them does cost a different amount let's say if I want to purchase standard VIP for one month that would cost me 20 000 biz notes if I want to have a sticky thread that would cost me 15 000 biz notes as you can see this is the standard VIP one month and I feel like this is what people would probably try and aim for at the time of this recording I only have 1 000 biz notes and in total I've generated 72 messages.


For the people that don't want to spend their own real life money you can actually spend your biz notes as well on upgrades for your account so this rewards people that want to be obviously more active on the form at the time of this recording prices are discounted by 50 it seems right now I'm going to try and change my 1 000 biz notes into USD currency so the currency I'm transferring to is USD and I'm going to put in 1090 because that's the amount of biz notes I have so I've just gone transfer currency transfer completed successfully now if I check my account it says I have one dollar worth of USD available so I now need to get four more dollars as the minimum on this website is 5 000 biz notes which equals 5 USD once ready I can go to payout requests than I can choose PayPal or binance or Litecoin to cash out to which I haven't set up yet.


How Much Can You Earn On Bizdustry?​​

 You can easily earn about one dollar per day by posting actively on Bizdustry as a new user you will have some restrictions though where your posts have to be manually approved by the staff but once you've post enough times I'm sure that approval system goes away I had a fun time talking to people on Bizdustry it seems that everyone has the same goals in common to try and make money and the developers seem to be cool people as well I will be including a whole bunch of different links in the description of this video so you guys can check out the various rules that are available on Bizdustry.


as you can see there are various different topics that you can choose from in different areas of the form that might interest you where you can actually start earning your biz notes now if I am correct there might be some areas though where you cannot actually get rewarded with biz notes for talking I may be wrong though but I could have sworn I did read something like that on the platform as I said there are quite a bit of rules and regulation you might need to follow on Bizdustry but once you wrap your head around if it's pretty straightforward from what I've seen for instance I would earn money if I talked in the how to make money online section or if I went to the Bizdustry and individuals or cryptocurrency or even to get paid 2 programs so this whole area I'm fairly confident you can get paid for all the rest I haven't personally really talked in but I did definitely stay in the Bizdustry and individuals and the how to make money online now as you can see there are a whole bunch of different forms here that I can start earning my biz notes.


Final Verdict On Bizdustry

There are a lot of people that are just actually replying to every single thread pretty much to try and get those biz notes generated so I'm guessing that's exactly what the developers want you to do because it does seem as long as you're posting accurate and helpful replies you can pretty much post as much as you want so that is a pretty cool aspect to Bizdustry that I do like if you're curious what day Bizdustry will actually pay you your currency it seems that requests are sent out once a week on a Saturday.


so that means that they have to go over each of the withdrawals and make sure there's no potential issues according to the forum post that I'm reading here as I said something to always remember they can cancel your withdrawal at any time if they believe that you're not following the rules correctly on their platform I think one of the biggest issues would be low quality posts and of course the spam or gibberish posts so just keep it tame, and you should be okay because it seems that their review process can take up to 48 to 72 hours I have no issue believing that Bizdustry will pay your money there's plenty of payment proof online.


it seems to allow different countries from around the world as well so that's a really nice positive I highly recommend you give Bizdustry a try and obviously if you're going to join up please use my referral code to help me out personally the link will be in the description below check out the different rules regulations and marketplace to see if this is for you, I hope you enjoyed today's little review of Bizdustry thank you for watching please be sure to drop a comment to show your support I'll catch you all tomorrow for another review see you next time.

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