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Thoughts On Bitcoin Miner Earn Real Crypto:

Here's what we know about the Bitcoin Miner app so far!


Hey everyone vince here today i'm reviewing bitcoin miner and real crypto this money making application is promising that you guys can earn real life money in the form of cryptocurrency just by running your own virtual mind but is it really worth your time let's find out together i hope you enjoy the whole concept of bitcoin miner is something that i can really get behind and the reason for that is because i really love the idea of earning cryptocurrency just by playing a game to start off with bitcoin miner does not use your mobile device to actually mine crypto instead you run a virtual mine.


in this mine you have a team of miners these little characters are the ones that will generate the cryptocurrency but i'll get into that in just a second the developers of bitcoin miner claim that the way they're able to pay the users is by splitting a percentage of their revenue with the players and i can see that being true because advertisements are on this application and again we'll get into the advertisements soon if you've ever played an idol game or a clicker game or even a tycoon type of game then bitcoin miner is something that you should be able to jump straight into think of miner tycoon with a mix of earning real life money.


your whole goal on bitcoin miner is to expand your virtual mind now at the moment of this recording apparently there are 10 different cryptocurrency tokens that can be mined on this application the actual currency system is not these 10 tokens it's in fact satoshi's aka bitcoin the 10 different tokens are just a gameplay element you can also visit new worlds collect airdrops and open treasure chests to earn more rewards not only that there is a daily reward system on bitcoin miner as well to reward their active users what you are seeing on the screen now is the main way you are going to be earning your satoshi's on bitcoin miner you'll start off with a basic pickaxe and one single miner that on my version of the game is generating shiva once you unlock different miners though you'll start to see your mind will really start to grow at the time of this recording you can only generate 1 000 satoshi's per day on bitcoin miner.


that equals out to roughly 32 cents worth of australian currency something that i was expecting to see on an application like this was a lot more earning options so not just satoshi's but perhaps we could have actually earned dogecoin or shiba imagine if you can actually earn the cryptocurrency tokens that you're mining at the time that would be such an incredible feature and i hope the developers are watching this and maybe we'll consider adding this type of feature to the game even a few extra tokens instead of just satoshi's.



now other than expanding your mind the actual way that you can earn these satoshi's is by tapping on top of the tokens that are moving along your mind to the piggy bank you'll notice as you're playing there's little tiny bonuses that appear on top of the tokens if you tap them then it will activate one of the many bonuses that the icon represents obviously different icons will have different bonuses applied to when you tap them the satoshi token is pretty obvious as it's a green little symbol this is a pretty fun little way to make the player actually use the application instead of just leaving it on all day in an idle state and as i mentioned earlier.


if you've ever played an idle game before or a clicker game you'll be right at home with bitcoin miner something to keep in mind here is that if you do not tap on those tokens they will go to waste at least that's what i personally experience i noticed if i accidentally didn't tap a token bonus i would only generate the basic reward for the token going into the piggy bank if you can't tell by the video essentially all the tokens make their way to the piggy bank once the token hits the piggy bank then it updates your balance it's pretty straightforward that leads us into the actual currencies of the game so to start off with you have a premium currency of nodes these nodes can be purchased with real-life money and not only that other in-game bonuses can be purchased with real-life money think of bitcoin miner as one of these free to play games with a pay-to-play element to it.



that doesn't make it a bad thing as from what i could see i could use the app completely for free without any issues so i do appreciate the developers didn't force us to spend our own money but the options are there for anyone that wants to spend money on this app of course you have the basic revenue that you can use to upgrade your mind with and purchase upgrades for your mine as well the nodes are mainly used for permanent upgrades from what i've seen so that's pretty cool then of course you have the satoshis which are the real life currency you also have the option to watch advertisements to speed up your earning but not only that you can watch advertisements to open chests that will give you rewards and also activate an overdrive mode where pretty much every token in your mind goes crazy and rushes towards the piggy bank now something that kind of caught me off guard is that ads will randomly appear on bitcoin miner during your gameplay.


what i mean by randomly is that you could be playing the game and then you leave the phone idle for literally one minute and then an ad will play automatically now the whole concept of an idle game to me means that you are able to leave the phone on idle for a certain period of time i understand if i left it alone for maybe 10 or 20 minutes but within one minute of me leaving the phone alone a random ad would play automatically with no warning by the way and the worst thing is the ads that play at least in my country are scam app ad so i'm forced to watch these pathetic scam ads while waiting to play this game i really dislike this kind of forceful ad playman in applications especially money making ones most of the time the ads that play on money making applications are promoting other scam apps.



that's at no fault to the developers that's completely the advertiser's fault usually unity or google ads sadly and mintegrow ads as well i hope the developers do take this into consideration once you've spent your nodes on permanent upgrades like i did i noticed that then there was a gpu system now what that means is the more you progress within your mind you start to generate gpus and then you can actually sell your mind for more gpus which then boosts your earnings the next time you start your mind so think of it as a reset but with bonuses some idle games like to call this an ascension at least one i used to play when i was younger you can also spend your gpus to unlock new welds as well i haven't got to that point yet where i can do so but i'd much rather keep my gpus to have that permanent increase on my revenue instead of spending it on new welds but perhaps there's more tokens on new worlds i'm yet to get to that point but i thought i'd let you all know out there that you can actually do that now moving over to the actual cash outside of a bitcoin miner what i found is that the more i played the more easier it was to get satoshi's now.



i don't know if this was just a placebo effect maybe because i was doing so well in the game i just thought that i was earning more satoshi's faster but i noticed when i had certain upgrades like token speed increases and increasing my chances for bonuses on my tokens i could have sworn that i really did speed up that satoshi generation but what i also thought to myself is that the developers could have easily made it so satoshi's only spawn every few minutes which would make sense i was able to generate roughly 75 to 100 satoshi's playing for an hour or so on this application.


that was me constantly playing and tapping all the bonuses that i could maybe you guys can earn more or perhaps you earn less but i'm fairly sure that was my average satoshi income now moving on to the actual cash out method and to see if bitcoin miner is legit well everyone to cash out on bitcoin miner you need to join up to their discord to get approved once approved you will then need to download a wallet application called zabidi once you've signed up to this wallet and you've been approved on the discord which took me around 24 hours by the way you would then be able to instantly cash out the satoshis you've generated on bitcoin miner to this wallet now.


what you can do with this wallet i feel is very limited at the current time from what i read up personally i could only transfer my satoshis to another zabidi wallet or a lightning address generally i just like to cash out to coinbase so hopefully bitcoin miner will start introducing some new cash out element this is the type of application that has so much potential i just hope the developers do more than what they're currently doing at the moment because i really do like bitcoin miner at its current release but i can confirm bitcoin miner is 100 legit at least it does what it says it's going to do and pay you satoshi's i can't really do much with those satoshi's at the moment but they do pay them so keep an eye on this application everyone thank you so much for watching i really hope you enjoyed i'll see you all in the next video tomorrow catch you around.


This Bitcoin Miner Earn Real Crypto review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

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