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This Bingo Jungle Lucky Day review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!




Here's what we know about Bingo Jungle Lucky Day so far!


Hey everyone it's vince here welcome to my bingo jungle lucky day review i hope you enjoy let's kick this off bingo jungle is promising you guys out there thousands and thousands of dollars to play bingo every single minute and i'm not even exaggerating here guys this is one of these money making applications that just really blows me away with the offers that it's actually claiming it can give you okay now the whole concept of bingo jungle is that all you need to do is literally watch some advertisements.






then you can play bingo games and in return you'll gain hundreds of dollars apparently on the screen right now you're going to be seeing the various different cash out options that bingo jungle is offering you guys out there and as you can see the offers are through the roof okay i just don't understand how this is actually something that's acceptable across the google play store still in 2022 there are gift cards that are literally worth thousands and thousands of dollars which just doesn't make sense in the real world everyone just for playing bingo by the way so that's the thing i really want to make clear here this is what they're offering for playing bingo okay so this is not a joke right this is what they're showing you that apparently you can earn there are two different types of currencies on bingo jungle as well you have the in-game coins that you can win just by playing the bingo games.








of course you have the real life money aspect to it this is what i mean guys by i cannot believe that this is actually allowed on the google play store and funny enough bingo jungle is an early access title and if you don't know what that means the developers are actually hiding their reviews and ratings from you so you can't see the real public response for this application which is very suspect and throws up a red flag straight away.








what's extremely interesting to me is that the actual bingo jungle game itself is very straightforward and actually pretty fun to play if this was just a standard bingo game i would have no issues with it okay but the problem is when you start going into the territory of offering up thousands and thousands of dollars within a few minutes of actually playing a game that's where i really start to have a problem with the application and hence why i'm reviewing it on today's video not only does a developer offer all those rewards apparently.






then they actually give you a lucky scratch system as well where if you watch advertisements you can actually scratch a lucky card and in return apparently you can win again thousands of apparent dollars and my biggest problem with this is that it just turns into an application that seems to be farming you guys for advertisement views in my honest opinion and i think once you start to actually play bingo jungle you'll come to the same conclusion that i have here on today's review even during the actual bingo game itself you'll be flooded with advertisements over and over again when you start to see an advertisement come up every single 15 seconds or so.








that's when you can start to realize that you know this application probably isn't having your best interests in mind and that's what i truly believe again with bingo jungle i think that this is just another application that has been built to trick you guys out there into watching advertisements over and over and over again to fatten developers wallets it's very straightforward easy to understand scam now in 2022. i actually tried to cash out on bingo jungle and i even waited the required time and guess what happened everyone once the timer actually hit zero.








it then made me literally enter in another one week wait so in my honest opinion i truly believe that bingo jungle is just another scam application that's why i'm going to recommend that you actually play another legitimate application called givi lucky numbers if you guys like lottery or bingo systems and try lucky numbers as i feel like you would have a much better time on that application it's the closest thing that i've found to a legitimate bingo game and it's not even bingo technically it's lotto every 10 minutes or so you have a chance to actually win real life money and i've already covered it on my channel showing a full in-depth review if you want other legitimate applications be sure to check out my youtube channel as i've covered hundreds of legitimate money making applications that will pay you i would stay away from bingo jungle because it just seems like such a joke application thank you so much for watching see you all in one to two days guys stay safe see you next time.

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