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This Bingo Day 2022 review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Bingo Day 2022

Here's what we know about the Bingo Day 2022 app so far!

Hey everyone Vince here today we're reviewing bingo day now bingo day has been making the rounds on the google play store promising thousands of dollars of PayPal and amazon currency and various other currencies as well if you play their application.


Now the thing is guys what blows my mind is that bingo day could have actually been a fun application if you sat down and played this just for the pure aspect of playing a bingo game it does its job correctly well where these developers just go crazy is that they're promising all this money that is completely a joke in my opinion now i sat down and played bingo day for hours okay and let me just tell you something you will be watching advertisements every single like minute on this application this is straight up in my opinion just another way for developers just to get you to watching advertisements every single minute you have to watch an advertisement to claim the reward you have to watch an advertisement to actually start the bingo game.


Once you run out of the stupid cards there's little things you can tap on the screen that will reward you but you have to watch an ad and mind you the rewards they're offering are ridiculous guys one little bingo game could generate hundreds of dollars apparently if you enjoyed please remember to hit like and subscribe be sure to join my free newsletter and drop a comment links are all in the description below thank you for helping my channel grow and of course they have the ridiculous minimum withdrawal cash out of if you get to a thousand dollars then apparently it starts to activate the order but get this you have to watch advertisements to activate the order again.


So even though you get to the minimum withdrawal limit that they want you to achieve once you get to that mark then they put you behind an ad wall that will force you to watch an endless amount of ads and if you check out the google play store reviews for this app right now people are going crazy bingo day in my opinion is another trash application that is just trying to scam you into watching endless ads to fat and developers wallets that could not care at all about you the player as i said bingo day could have been a fantastic bingo game if that's all it was what blows me away about these scam maps is that they look so good these could be great normal games but do not ever expect to get money from them I'm telling you now stay clear of bingo day in my opinion do not fall for the tricks i'll see you all tomorrow for another money making review catch you later guys.

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