BigCash Make Money: Cash Rewards & Gift Cards VIDEO REVIEW


This BigCash Make Money: Cash Rewards & Gift Cards review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On BigCash Make Money:

Here's what we know about the BigCash Make Money app so far!

hey everyone it's Vince here welcome back to another video guys on today's video I'm going to be reviewing a money making application called make money cash rewards and gift cards now this application's title literally made me think it was a scam app but if you don't know guys i like to give these apps the benefit of the doubt and the problem is with giving applications the benefit of the doubt most of the time they're scam applications which wastes everyone's time involved but hopefully on today's video we'll see a successful cash out i do hope you guys enjoyed please remember of course to like comment and subscribe if this video helped you.

When first opening up the make money application for some reason the name of the application changes into big cash so for reference sake I'm going to be calling this application big cash from now on so the actual design of big cash is very straightforward essentially it just has a list of things that you can do to earn coins that then you can change into money now on the screen at the moment are the gift cards that are available to me here in Australia on today's video I'll be doing the PayPal cash out so if you guys plan on doing other gift cards your experience may vary to me because i didn't personally test the gift card options i just went to directly what i like to cash out on and that's PayPal because usually you get it pretty fast even though PayPal is listed under the gift card section technically it's not a gift card they just send you direct PayPal money to your PayPal wallet so that's something to keep in mind as well everyone okay but here in Australia i had various different options to cash out on which is very interesting to me because i would love to know if someone out there will test maybe the steam cash out to see exactly what this application does or even the PlayStation gift card or the Xbox gift card because I'm always curious to see will these applications actually pay out to people that have these consoles.



Big cash also features a referrer friend system so if you guys like inviting your friends to play these money making applications this application does have a pretty cool little feature where the people you invite you get 20 of their coins that they actually earn on the app you can also get 10 of the friends coins that they invite as well which is very interesting to me feel free to use my invite code i have no idea if you get a bonus for signing up or not but i do know with money making apps you guys like the referral codes and bonus codes to sign up with so I'll include mine in the description below.


I personally probably won't be using this app ever again after this review and you're going to find out why very soon there's a check-in page where you can get extra coins for checking in daily of course i think it's around 10 coins or so there's a featured offers section where the app will actually get you to install other applications and pay you a certain amount of coins for installing and using that application the coins that you get rewarded for completing these little offers are around 30 coins to 60 coins there's another option where you can watch up to 1300 advertisements apparently for one coin each mind you this is every redemption as well so they will allow you to watch 1300 advertisements pretty much each time you cash out now for the people that want to watch 1300 advertisements i highly suggest you do something else with your time because that is not the right way to make money if you're playing applications and they're forcing you to watch advertisements every second to get one single coin please do not do it because the amount of money that they're making off you through their advertisements will be insane maybe if it was like five coins per advertisement or 10 coins per advertisement sure that makes more sense but when they make it one single coin per advertisement that's just a no-go.


Seriously remember at this point the minimum cash out on this application is 2500 coins plus some other gift cards require more minimum coins to cash out such as a Netflix gift card that needs 5 000 coins but as i said earlier guys i went for the PayPal cash out which was 15 worth of PayPal for 2500 coins now we get to the actual making money side of this application i personally had only two real ways of making money on this application one was completing offers and the second one was completing surveys now these offers actually did pay quite high but the problem is guys with offers and money making applications sometimes they require you to play the application for way too long in my opinion and they make it way too difficult to actually earn those coins for instance there was one for a casino app called cash billionaire slots and the problem is everyone it wants you to get to level 81 on that application and it will apparently reward you with 2200 coins or so.


the thing is if you have ever played a casino app you know that it's very hard to actually get higher up in the levels on those apps because most of the time you run out of the money on that application just remember every casino app has their own little in-game currency that you start off with but because it's gambling you obviously have a chance of never reaching level 81 unless you pay for more in-game currency on that application so if you're going to complete offers on these money-making applications i really advise you pick carefully on what offers you're going to choose another one might be a very complicated rpg game or something such as king of Avalon dragon war it requires you to get to level 17 stronghold but apparently reading up online that takes multiple multiple days to actually reach and it only pays around 1650 coins you really got to decide what is worth your time with these apps and what's just a waste of time ultimately if you're comfortable with dedicating that much time for offers then yes this application does give you that way of earning money through it.


I chose the second option everyone and that was the complete surveys and this is where things went a little bit pear shaped for me listen i love surveys if you check out my channel I've covered surveys probably like 50 times here on the channel that might be exaggeration but it's definitely a lot okay the problem is here with the people that they're going through like big cash whatever survey provider they're going through which I'm fairly sure they are called ascend media i got disqualified easily over 20 times completing surveys now for anyone that's ever completed surveys to get disqualified here and there is to be expected but i don't think i've ever seen an application or a survey provider disqualify me as much as this company the thing is though everyone the surveys pay very well in my opinion think about it the minimum cash out is 2500 coins and these surveys were sometimes paying 400 coins each the average number seemed to be around 125 or so to 200 coins per survey.



it literally took me like eight hours to get to that minimum cash out and i was completing surveys any opportunity i could unless you've completed survey applications before you will not understand the frustration of being screened out and disqualified out of these surveys dude and the worst thing is this is one of those survey hosts that allows you to get halfway through the survey or near the end you might even complete the survey and then it disqualifies you right at the end the amount of frustration i had i cannot put into words okay i just wanted to swear i wanted to swear a lot but the problem is i can't really swear on this video obviously because YouTube will get upset at me but I'm sure if you've ever been disqualified you know the frustration now does that make it a bad application i mean it matters how you look at it if you hate being disqualified from surveys this will not be an application for you that's my personal opinion but if you can soldier through like i did for eight hours straight completing these surveys.


you may actually be happy with the results because everyone i did get to the minimum cash out on this application and i did request that minimum cash out and I'm happy to say that big cash did pay me to my PayPal account and get this everyone it was literally within 12 hours after requesting that cash out so i cannot really be angry with big cash because it actually did pay my PayPal account but what i can be angry about is just the survey hosts these days i do not understand what is going on with money-making surveys these days but they are getting so hard now to earn money on it is ridiculous dude.


I don't think that these survey hosts understand the more difficult they make these surveys and the more countries they restrict from using these applications the less and less amount of people are going to be interested in even completing surveys in the first place because i can guarantee you there's a whole bunch of you guys out there when you hear survey app you cringe a bit and you think uh I'm never doing that and i don't blame you personally it is a very frustrating experience sometimes with survey apps but when i come across a real money making application i do want to show it here on the channel so thankfully i can add big cash to the list of apps that actually did pay me.


now will they pay me again that's another question one day i might have to re-review this application now another thing i noticed everyone is that even though i completed surveys sometimes they would go into some sort of pending status or the points just wouldn't be applied to my account now if there's one thing i hate is applications that don't reward us for the work we do apparently this application has a section where you can fill out the missing points this is what makes me not want to use this application ever again after cashing out the first time because i just don't like the risk of them not rewarding us for completing surveys can you imagine filling out a survey for 30 minutes and not getting rewarded for it because that's exactly what happened to me so I'm going to contact their support team and see what they're going to do about this but in the meantime give this application a try let me know your experience with it okay maybe you guys out there will have a much better experience than i did here on big cash but i just had such a bad time with completing surveys on it it's really frustrating bro either way thank you all so much for watching i hope you enjoyed the video i'll catch you all in one to two days please stay safe out there see you next time.