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Big Time Cash Review: Is It Legit or a Scam? (REAL Look)


This Big Time Cash review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

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Hey everyone Vince here welcome to my Big Time Cash Review! on today's video we're going to be reviewing the money making application big time cash make money now if you type in make money onto the google play store you'll probably find big time cash the way that this application works is actually quite unique compared to the other applications I've covered on this channel so far the developers are called WINR Games games and these guys have managed to produce around 45 of these money making applications.

How It Works

Let me just say it this way guys think of it as like an arcade you're going to okay and you need to earn tickets now the minimum withdrawal limit on big time cash is around 10 PayPal so yes this application does have PayPal cash out options but you will need to grind tickets in my estimation it takes around 10 000 tickets to earn 10 real life cents so i just want to get that out of the way straight away here okay so you know what you're getting yourself into with big time cash and WINR Games games please remember of course to hit like and subscribe to help grow my channel and be sure to drop a comment as well tell me what you think of big time cash now the way that big time cash actually works is very interesting to me the whole concept of the developer giving back to us via the ad revenue they earn on each game i do actually like that idea the big problem is and i feel like a lot of you out there are not going to like this about the system is that every time you play one of these games an advertisement will appear so between levels or if you fail a level you'll get an advertisement and i mean like every single time pretty much.

Now again on this Big Time Cash Review i've noticed this is how the developer reasons with us that's how they pay us so i don't know i mean I'm willing to sit through ads as long as the app is legitimate okay at the end of the day that's why we do this for in the first place we want to try and earn a bit of money on the side now big time cash in my opinion is quite good with a variety of games as i said you have over 40 applications easily that you can play and earn these in-game tickets that then you can convert into money the problem is with a ten dollar minimum withdrawal limit though i feel like we're going to be grinding for a very long time and especially you only earn certain amount of tickets per each benchmark you get on an individual level so that's something to really keep in mind here as well.


Everyone when you play these games you get a large sum of tickets at each different checkpoint through a game or a benchmark so let's say you have to get to a certain score then big time cash or whatever app part of big time cash you are playing will give you a lump sum of tickets for achieving that goal now in between that though you barely earn any tickets so you're going to find yourself really grinding out on all 40 or so of these applications again there's great variety so i have to applaud WINR Games games for that  but I also noticed on my Big Time Cash Review you'll be bombarded with advertisements over and over again which again i understand they have to get paid so they can pay us but every single level almost you're going to be watching an ad it's almost like 90 you're watching ads and 10 percent you're actually playing the games so it's up to you on how you take that from what I've seen any application from WINR Games games or big time cash has a certain amount of benchmarks as i like to call them you can call them challenges or achievements but at the end of the day there are about five different challenges for each of the apps from what I've seen these challenges will change depending on what application you're obviously playing at the time so if you're playing a game where you have to slice fruit then there might be a challenge okay slice 25 fruit and then we'll give you 2500 tickets then the next challenge for that game will be okay now you've done that now slice 50 fruit and we'll give you 5 000 tickets does that make sense.

So it seems like there's certain challenges for each of the apps but then once you beat those challenges i don't think you get rewarded them again so you can't just keep stacking them up if that makes sense once you beat it it's done and you claim that reward. While making this Big Time Cash Review I understood I have to make something super clear here as well everyone when it comes to the giveaway system that happens all the time you have to deposit your tickets into the bank if you don't want to lose them the reason why i say this is because if you don't deposit your tickets into the bank or convert them into real life money you will then lose them to the giveaway so technically when i say lose is because they are then entered into the giveaway automatically so whatever tickets you have in your balance either you deposit them or you convert them if you do not want to enter them into the giveaway now just remember this okay because i read so many reviews of people being upset saying that tickets disappeared overnight in my opinion that's exactly what happened they did not put them in a bank so i really wish that WINR Games games made that more clear to new players because i guarantee most of the negative reviews of this application of people saying their tickets disappeared was because of that reason literally they will be entered into the giveaway.

If they're not in a bank or converted from what i've seen a majority of the WINR Games game applications will allow you to change your avatar as well when you change your avatar it will then give you new statistics for your character so pretty much you can have a more smoother experience with a higher level character that you can unlock throughout playing these applications. now i don't really know how much is going to affect the experience at the end of the day but what I like while making this Big Time Cash Review is that the option is there guys you can find that under the free section this is put there specifically to get you to download their other applications WINR Games games will reward you with 5 000 tickets for each of their applications that you installed each of these applications have their own different game play style and are all obviously very unique in their own ways so get ready to be watching a lot of advertisements and get ready to be frustrated a bit.

While making my Big Time Cash Review I believe unless you like applications like these where you will always fail levels over and over again until you pass them pretty much like skill tester games that you'll find in the arcade i think you might have a bit of a rough experience i do love what WINR Games games are trying to do here okay but i do believe that you spend most of your time watching the advertisements instead of playing the games and to me that's a big problem all right mind you though WINR Games games has i think over a million downloads easy at this point between all their applications it's probably much more than that so i'm assuming they have quite a large player base that they have to try and pay when it comes to why there are so many advertisement again i do kind of respect it and understand it but it still doesn't mean it's not frustrating okay once you play one of these apps you know exactly what I'm saying taking the advertisements out of the application for a moment here.


I just want to say all the games that i played were fun so it's not like they had bad games guys in general i really did like my experience on big time cash and the WINR Games games catalog and i really think that you guys out there will enjoy it also it's just i don't know how much you will enjoy it that's up to you out there to download and try out each of the applications that are available to you. If you are reading this far into the Big Time Cash Review i would love to hear your opinion in the comments section below on what you think of WINR Games games and big time cash i have to say the whole ticket idea is quite interesting to me the fact that we can convert the tickets into real life money i do enjoy that idea but when it comes to the daily giveaways i don't know why you're automatically entered into them it just doesn't make sense to me that means you're going to lose your tickets if you forget to convert them or deposit them it's a very weird system guys and i feel like they've kind of done it on purpose a bit to make you keep playing their apps i mean that's just my little suspicion here okay big time cash.


Something else I noticed while creating this Big Time Cash Review is that It has a very interesting invite to friend system if you invite your friends you get 10 cents instantly and you also get the 2500 tickets it is a pretty cool system and an incentive to get more people involved i just don't think that it's really going to be worth it too much in the long run because you're probably going to have to invite easily over 10 or 20 people to actually see a real difference in your balance at least they give you some sort of revenue for inviting people can't really complain there when it comes down to it though guys it all means nothing unless big time cash and WINR Games games actually keep their word when it comes to the pay-out so I've scouted online and managed to find a whole bunch of proof for big time cash and WINR Games games actually delivering their promises when it comes to the PayPal cash out so on the screen now you'll see that and i have to say i wouldn't be covering this application if i didn't think they were actually going to come through the choice is yours I've made a review on it now again after all these months to tell you about it let me know in the comments section if you're going to give WINR Games games and big time cash a try thank you so much for watching everyone please stay safe out there I'll see you all in the next video.

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