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This Bank Bingo Slot review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Bank Bingo Slot:

Here's what we know about the Bank Bingo Slot app so far!


Hey everyone welcome to my bank bingo slot review today we will find out if bank bingo slots is actually going to pay us thousands of dollars for free by the way just by playing slot machines from your mobile phone i hope you enjoy let's kick this off so as soon as you start bank bingo slots you will be greeted to a free eye watch apparently all you'll need to do is sign in three days in a row and also watch enough advertisements per day to apparently unlock this sign-in bonus that's right everyone this application is claiming if you sign in for three days straight you'll win a free eye watch that's worth 500 dollars which i find absolutely hilarious.



but we'll get to that in a moment so this is the main screen of bank bingo slot and as you can see it is a little bit overwhelming to say the least at the bottom of the screen you'll have the actual slot element and how you win your money now you'll notice on the bottom left corner of the screen you have the apparent in-game coin currency that you'll be using to wager and bet on this slot machine gain and if you take a look at the spin button you'll notice that you can continuously hit the spin button as long as you have enough in-game coin currency.


at the top of the screen you'll also notice that there's a bonus area where you can win even more apparent real life money and you'll also find all the different currencies that bank bingo slots is offering you guys out there this includes paypal currency and amazon currency but not only that it also features cash app as well we'll go into the actual amounts they're promising in a second here guys you're not going to believe it but to make things worse there is also a lucky gift area and we've all seen these type of reward systems before if you unlock enough puzzle pieces of these items you'll get them shipped to your house directly for free anywhere across the world which i find so funny.


the items that bank bingo slots are offering up include a nintendo switch an iphone 13 a macbook pro it just keeps going on and on it's absolutely ridiculous in my opinion there is also a piggy bank feature where of course if you watch an advertisement they'll reward you with a certain amount of coins you can even watch advertisements to increase the winning spreads aka the line which of course will increase your winning chances but you will have to watch an advertisement of course to activate this feature this is starting to become the running gag with bank bingo slots you start to notice that everything is really locked down by advertisements of course any type of winnings that you make on bank bingo slots will force you to watch an advertisement to claim them and this is a massive red flag straight off the bat here ladies and gentlemen if it's not worse enough to have the in-game item system where apparently they'll send you real-life rewards.


but even if you don't want to watch advertisements when you earn this supposed real-life money they'll force an ad on you anyway even if you press no thanks this is a very disgusting tactic that some of these scam developers use in my honest opinion to make sure they get the most amount of money out of you guys out there now let me show you the amount of money that bank bingo slots is offering up they're offering up literally fifteen hundred dollars worth of paypal and one thousand dollars worth of amazon currency and cash app currency mind you you can earn this within under 30 minutes you'll never find a money making application that will allow you to earn that much money that fast as soon as i see payout amounts that are offering that much money it instantly raises another red flag to me because guys in two years of doing this.


now i've never seen a money making application that has ever offered up anything near that for playing games on your mobile phone it just doesn't happen think about it that means no one would have to get a job in real life anymore they could just sit here and play these ridiculous slot machine games of course another massive red flag is the fact that you don't deposit any real-life money into bank bingo slots if you've ever actually played a legitimate gambling application before you'll notice that you will have to deposit real life money into it unless very specific circumstances i wasn't able to change my 5 000 coin bet by the way so that's what i was constantly spinning this slot machine with 5 000 in-game currency coin now it is pretty easy to win these coins by the way.


the only reason why we're playing this type of application is to win real life money now the absolute kicker about bank bingo slots is that i actually went through all the way guys to that minimum cash out of 1 000 and guess what happened when i cashed it out they automatically put me in a paywall queue which then forced me to watch 60 more advertisements to activate this order this pathetic tactic instantly sealed the deal for me calling bank bingo slots a complete scam and a waste of time i would not touch this application with a 10 foot pole ladies and gentlemen please stay safe and do not use it if you want to actually earn legitimate money by playing slot machines try out givi slots it might not pay a lot in fact it might only pay one dollar an hour depending on your country but at least it pays you for playing slots i have done a full review on givi slots so i definitely recommend you check that out instead of this garbage even if you don't like slot machines or you're looking for legitimate applications that actually pay check out my youtube channel and the playlist on it i have over a hundred legitimate methods now that will pay you directly from your phone thank you all so much for watching i'll see you all tomorrow for the next review catch you around.

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