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The Ultimate AttaPoll Review: Is This Survey App Legit or a Scam?


This AttaPoll review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

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Hey everyone it's Vince here welcome to my AttaPoll review I hope you enjoy let's kick this off AttaPoll is without a doubt probably one of my most favorite money making applications on the market in 2022.

What Is AttaPoll?

You see guys on this AttaPoll Review all you need to do is literally complete surveys to earn money in various forms and what's absolutely amazing AttaPoll compared to most survey applications is that they feature an instant PayPal cash out feature but not only that they also have various gift cards depending on what country you live in they have a revolt cash out and also you can donate your money if you want to as well now on today's video you're going to be seeing my personal AttaPoll review payment proof and also my tips and tricks to earn more money on AttaPoll.

How Does It Work?​

You will see in this AttaPoll Review no matter if you're using it on android or iOS with AttaPoll you can actually start earning within a few minutes once you've downloaded their application to your device all you need to do is literally just register your mobile phone number to make sure you're not obviously a robot now of course anything you see on this video is my experience based here in Australia when it comes to survey applications the actual earning potential will change depending on various factors including your age gender your job and what country you live in that's just to name a few so if you're looking at the amount of money that surveys pay me on this video and compare it to yourself and notice it's different that's more than likely the reason why.

Rules and Warnings​​

Something I have to make clear on this AttaPoll Review is that the app is not personally targeting you as a user rewards are completely based on the factors I just mentioned and probably way more that we don't really know about I can definitely say though there are so many survey providers that are going through AttaPoll which I really do appreciate, But I’ll get more into the survey and money making side in a second, but now I just want to talk about the actual layout of AttaPoll, so then you can get familiar with it so once you've created your account without a poll you'll be seeing the survey page straight off the bat this is where you'll start to see profile surveys.

Different Tabs On AttaPoll​

Now if you don't see anything here what I recommend you do is just hold on a second as I'll talk about the profile features in a minute but for the people that do see profile surveys here or potentially even money making surveys this is where you actually start your earnings journey on AttaPoll as you can see it's laid out extremely simple you have the different tabs at the bottom of the screen including the home tab the balance and cash out tab the inviter friend tab and the settings tab. now  as you can see on this AttaPoll Review switching back to the profile surveys you should definitely complete them so then AttaPoll starts to understand you more than a user. If you understand you will see they can recommend you more surveys the next tab is the balance and cash out tab this is probably one of my favourite tabs because here you can keep track of how much money you've actually accumulated on AttaPoll.

Different Cash Out Options​

Just remember there are multiple ways to cash out on adder pulse so don't just think it's the instant PayPal cash out feature only if you just check underneath your balance you will see the different options including gift cards revolt and donations again this is based here in Australia, but I’m assuming a majority of the countries should hopefully have the same cash out options but as you can see by this AttaPoll Review if not you should have at least what is available with AttaPoll in your country when you eventually cash out which I’m fairly sure would be extremely fast since the minimum here in Australia is only five dollars needed to get that instant PayPal withdraw you'll notice at the bottom of the screen of this tab that there is a receipt area where you can see your previous cash out at least the last five to ten of them from my experience.

Payment History Section​​

 This section of the AttaPoll Review is pretty handy because then you can check the receipts of how much you've actually earned on adipose and then sort of keep track of everything if you're enjoying today's video please remember to hit like subscribe drop a comment and join my free newsletter and while you're down there in the description you'll find my AttaPoll referral code thank you very much everyone.

Referral Code System​​

The next tab on my AttaPoll Review is the invite a friend have now if you know someone out there that wants to try and earn money from their mobile phone you can actually make a profit by inviting them to AttaPoll if I invited someone here in Australia to use AttaPoll I earn one dollar for signing them up, and they also get one dollar as well for using my referral code now depending on your country the bonuses will be different so in the description below I’m going to be leaving a link to the affiliate page for AttaPoll. Now you guys reading this can hopefully find your country there and see the breakdown of earnings I recommend you read that whole page to get an understanding of what to expect from what I’ve seen if your country is not one of the main listed ones no matter what happens you'll always earn 10 of your referrals earnings and that seems to be no matter where they live in the world also full disclosure the cash out you're about to see was mainly made possible by referring people to use AttaPoll.

Different AttaPoll Profile Settings​

Now we're up to the settings page this is probably one of the most underrated tabs of AttaPoll that you need to check out so here is where you can actually decide how many surveys you want to receive per day how long you want them to be, and you can turn your location on so then AttaPoll can get an accurate location on your being the user to supply you with better surveys on the screen you're going to be seeing my settings on this AttaPoll Review, so then you can replicate them and hopefully it increases your earnings on this platform but not only that if you scroll to the top of the page you'll see the referral code area and the profile area obviously you'd enter a referral code here.

If you want to support me you'd enter my code in which you'll see on the screen right now again, and then you'd go straight to the profile tab what you're seeing right now are all the different profile options that AttaPoll wants to know about you this section here must be completed in my opinion to get the maximum earning potential out of AttaPoll and the reason for that is because you have to tell the application about yourself if you don't do this guys you are severely limiting your earning capabilities and surveys in my opinion I feel like the reason why I get so many surveys per day is because my account is pretty much completely filled now I want to talk about actually completing a survey from start to finish for privacy reasons I can't show you a real life survey.

Tips On How To Earn More Money​

What I can do is just tell you some tips and tricks on how to stop getting disqualified on my AttaPoll Review so often so first things first you have to be honest guys when you're filling in your profile right and if you stray away from those answers then you'll probably get disqualified instantly because of fact checking involved in the application and by the survey providers themselves so that's why the details you sign up with are so important and your honesty is so important as well another huge factor is people rushing through the surveys now you might not know this but the faster you go through a survey the more likely you are to actually get disqualified for rushing through it. 

Disqualification Talk #2​

I know that this can be frustrating for some people that are really fast readers but at the end of the day the survey providers have to make sure they have some sort of quality control another way they enforce this is by having trick questions throughout their survey now you might laugh and think no one could ever fall for that, but I’m telling you if you're rushing through a survey these trick questions will get you eventually in reality though there is no real piece of advice better than just being honest and if you get disqualified you just move on to the next survey the great thing about adipose is that surveys are constantly being filled every day at least in my country.

Is AttaPoll Legit or a Scam? (Payment Proof)​

Now it's time to talk about my cash out experience on AttaPoll guys it is the easiest application to cash out on all you need to do is get to the desired amount of money that you want to cash out and on today's video it's going to be PayPal as you can see on the screen enter in your PayPal address and then whatever is in your balance past the minimum amount will instantly be paid to you via PayPal on the screen you're literally seeing a 300 cash out delivered instantly to my PayPal address you couldn't really ask for a more simple and easy to understand survey application so well done developers. 

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