This ARC8 review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Please note that the link provided on this page is my referral code so I might get a small bonus as a thank you for signing you up!  


Here's what we know about ARC8 so far!

ARC8 is such an amazing application the whole concept of it is that we earn money by playing AGAINST other players around the world in completive multiplayer matches! 

Just remember that this technically is gambling in my view due to the fact that you are staking your own cryptocurrency against other people and whoever wins gets to actually keep the currency.

It might not be available in your country either at the current time of this video but you can always try to download it and test it.

This in-depth video will showcase the ins and outs of the application and my LEGIT Payment Proof 

Description of this App:

Welcome to the new era of mobile gaming esports. Why just play games for fun when you can play games for real rewards?

In Arc8 you’ll be able to train your skills in multiple games such as card games, action games, 3d race games, puzzle games and much more. Win prizes in tournaments and 1v1 matches.

GMEE is the digital currency used in the Arc8 app that you’ll be able to win in tournaments.

Earn rewards with daily missions and take part in the seasons by climbing up the leaderboard to claim your share of huge prize pools!

Pirates Solitaire: The famous single-player cards game, solitaire, with a pirate environment.

Globo run: If you are an adrenaline seeker, you’ll love this game. Travel at the speed of light collecting green and purple gems avoiding unforeseen obstacles on a changing map.

Wizard 21: Play Blackjack, with a twist!

Marble Dash: cool action game, with a futuristic touch where you’ll be playing a cybernetic ball from the future whose mission will be to collect coins and avoid obstacles.

Pixel Dungeon: A platform game with a pixel cube. Collect points as fast as you can while bypassing the horrible menaces. Caution, it’s extremely addictive!

As you can see, fun is not something you’ll miss on Arc8, since it’s an app with multiple challenges. Use your skills to explore, improve, compete and win!

Some extra key features:
No ads, you’ll be able to enjoy an uninterrupted experience!

Tournaments where you can win rewards. The higher your rank the higher the prize!

1v1 matches against other real players, based on highscores. Either with free credits or premium GMEEs.

You can also grow your network of friends and get rewards for their first top-up! Start inviting before it’s too late and everybody has Arc8 on their phones!

We’ll be updating about new content, tips and giveaways on our social media, stay tuned.

Is This Safe To Use? ​

If you are thinking to yourself is this method is safe to use we will have to go over a few important factors: ​ There are many different ways to figure out if you have malware on your Android device. The first major tell is if everything is suddenly much slower.


Perhaps you possibly start noticing ads you've never seen before or perhaps your battery dies extremely quickly. Also If you experience strange screen redirects or overlays that you've never had to deal with before or maybe apps you don't recognize are now installed on your device.

Public Reviews:

SL: "Adding in that all my gems were gone whe I came back from vacation. Will change once the cheating is addressed. Great games and fun, but cheating is rampant in tournaments. Solitaire finished in 5 seconds, if I go through as fast and perfect as possible, still takes 30-45 seconds. Botting is real here."

SK: "So I was enjoying this game alot. And then an update comes and suddenly all my purple diamonds that I can use drop from like 300 to 100, how? Why? Where is the notice? What is the reason? I think I might really need an answer because this is totally not okay.... Oh not to mention the same thing happened to my GF's account but with like 2500 pruple stuff it went down to 200..."

YYO: "So far, everything works really smoothly. The UI is good, responsive and design is great too. Easy to understand and maneuver around. Only problem is too many cheaters I guess. The top ranking usually consists of ppl obtaining max scores. Why I mentioned max score is because they all got the same score on top. Not dying once, getting all coins, or completing card games almost immediately. If they are really played by ppl, maybe show the gameplay or smth. Crypto is about transparency ain't it?"

BB: "Excellent application for those who want to try something new and who can pay big without any financial risk because FREE! the more the network grows, the more it will gain value !!! welcome to Arc8 !!! You just have to activate it every 24 hours !!! You only need to log in once a day for the program to run by itself then you can close it and that will do it all, you can use my invitation cod to join our pool and you will earn even more."