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This ARC8 review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Please note that the link provided on this page is my referral code so I might get a small bonus as a thank you for signing you up!  


Here's what we know about ARC8 so far!


Hey everyone it's Vince Here season four has arrived on Arc 8 and on today's video I'll be covering all the new features that it has brought us I hope you enjoy let's kick this off so I have been covering RK for what feels like almost a year now if I'm correct this is a cryptocurrency earning application that allows you to earn gaming tokens and these gamey tokens can be exchanged into real life money.



if you want to know the real life value of one single gamey token at the time of this recording it's about 1.4 cents so now at least you have some sort of point of reference for when you see how many gaming tokens you can earn by competing in season 4 of arcade Arc 8 has introduced two new different ways to earn on their application one is a new game called Cube 2048 on this game.


you have to merge the cubes together in a certain amount of time to try and reach the highest score and if you did not know in Arc 8 you compete to against other players in a 1v1 match or a tournament mode the tournament mode usually has a massive prize pool of gamey tokens that you can win by participating in it and obviously scoring a high score or when the season begins properly you'll start to see that you can wager gamey tokens against other players if you've watched some of my previous arcade videos you'll know exactly what I mean but if you don't know essentially you can gamble your gaming tokens against other players in a 1v1 competitive match.


 at the moment we're actually in a pre-season in this pre-season you actually have the opportunity to win these gaming tokens completely for free using practice tokens with these practice tokens you can play against players in a 1v1 match without the risk of losing gaming tokens or you can enter into tournaments for the many games that are available in arcade to win gaming tokens completely for free Arc 8 is very competitive though guys you're going to be going up against people that love certain games and really start to become professionals on them for instance on Cube 2048.


I was only able to achieve a score of around 330 000 and it took me a few hours to actually achieve this I was surprised at how difficult Cube 2048 really was but luckily enough for me I was eventually able to win a few of the matches I competed in if you guys have ever played one of those merge 2048 games you'll be right at home with tube 2048 now on the flip side there is a new nft game called Energy Wars energy Wars allows me to verse other players nfts in a match three type of game so whoever has the highest score after matching the symbols correctly that correspond with your nft character at the time you will then win the match I have to say energy Wars is actually a really cool concept and I'm very excited to see where they're going to go with nfts on Arcade airdrops are now available on Arc 8 and what this means is that every single week.


you have the chance to win up to 35 000 gaming tokens or at least a portion of them by playing games within Arc 8 to earn tickets you need 1 000 tickets to enter into this giveaway and every single week you'll have a chance to win there are of course daily tasks as well where if you complete these tasks generally you'll be rewarded with a little fraction of gaming tokens for free or practice tokens plus there is still the daily sign-in bonuses as well there is also an inviter friend system on RK the more people you invite the more gaming tokens you can generate the inviter friend system is a little bit different to standard ones.


though the people that you invite actually have to use the platform so when they achieve the rank of silver on a certain game you will then be rewarded with one free gamey token now if they achieve the rank of gold you'll then earn nine gaming tokens completely for free if you guys wish to join my team on RK please join via my link in the description below it does really help me guys either way Cube 2048 and energy wars were solid games as I said I'm super excited to see where this is going to go in the future I thought I'd let you know what's going on guys thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the video and thank you for arcade for sponsoring today's video as well I'll see you all tomorrow catch you next time.

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