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AppStation Review: Is it Worth Your Time and Effort?


This AppStation review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Here's what we know about AppStation so far!

AppStation claims to be the one and only cash app that actually payout. If you like playing games and getting extra cash, apparently you have come to the right place! The thing about this platform is that they claim that earning money while playing games has never been so easy but is that really the truth? That's what we will see on my new AppStation Review.

Here's how it works so far:


AppStation is completely free. the reward app doesn't require in-app purchases and you will not get disturbed by ads (this is not quite true as while playing the games that you need to ads will appear. On that note for this AppStation Review you can actually choose one or several games among our list and play. You fetch rewards EVERY minute you play. the rewards are symbolised by in game coins.

You can check any time on your progress so then you can see how many rewards you accumulated and how many left you need to win your gift cards and rewards. The major thing is to win gift cards and get your payouts, you need to reach a certain amount of rewards and depending on the brand of the gift card.

Do not waste your time and join the AppStation community which has already several Million lucky users earning money while playing games! Some of the available rewards include: 

1. Amazon cards
2. Google Play gift cards

3. PlayStation vouchers

4. Steam coupons

5. Nike gift cards

6. Walmart shopping cards

7.  Payout to your Paypal account!



Hi everyone my name is Vince and welcome to my AppStation review ladies and gentlemen we are on the road to 50 000 subscribers right now so thank you all so much for the amazing support you guys have got me to where I am now and I appreciate it so much please remember to like comment and subscribe and of course thank you very much for watching let's kick off this review.

What Is AppStation?

Now if you did not know AppStation is a money making application that will reward the player with coins every time they complete a level within a game now once you have those coins depending on your country you can then convert them into real life money so here in Australia for instance I can convert my coins into PayPal and iTunes currency and by the way if you plan on using AppStation don't skip through this video because on this AppStation Review you're going to want to know all the details especially if you're from a country like the Philippines or Thailand or Indonesia because these apps pay differently depending on your country.

Strange Ads

Now looking at AppStations advertisements you'd think that you could earn hundreds of you know currency from this application but even before starting AppStation right I already threw that idea out the window guys we've played enough of these money making applications to understand that the advertisement is complete rubbish and the thing is I don't know why they do it for because they really set people up for disappointment. While creating this AppStation Review the ads were quite annoying.

Free Joining Bonus

When I installed AppStation I was rewarded with a 4 500 coin bonuses and the way that the currency system works is that every single time you complete a level on AppStation you get rewarded with these coins and again depending on your country you might actually earn coins per minute for playing games instead of completing levels so what you will have to do is download AppStation and find out what the reward system will be because the application is unique for everyone and the reason for this mainly is that the games that AppStation will offer you will mainly depend on your gender your age and what country you're from. You can actually get your own bonus code from reading this AppStation Review.


AppStation Will Change Depending On Country

That is right everyone me here in Australia will have a different look to you guys in let's say the Philippines or Indonesia or even American this to me causes a huge headache because I have to try and review these money making apps for you guys out there but then when you install the application it's completely different for you, I hate when developers do this because I feel like it singles certain countries out and makes them earn much less than another country. And after reading this AppStation Review I'm sure you all agree out there now my experience with AppStation was mixed and the main reason for that is because I experienced a problem I face in almost all these types of money-making applications and that is the fact that they did not reward me for some of the games that I played.

Broken Earning Mechanics

Something to remember about this AppStation Review is that I'm talking like two to three hours worth of gameplay was not counted towards my AppStation currency now you can imagine how annoying this is guys especially since we have to work so hard to actually earn the currency in the game in the first place and when it doesn't actually register the gameplay that we have for it is causes massive problems and I understand that you can maybe contact appstation through their support email but who wants to do that no one would want to do that right you expect these money making apps to get it right the first time since we're dedicating our own personal time to play these apps it's almost like the tracking is broken on certain games on AppStation.

These other money making applications and luckily enough for us appstation actually features a wallet and this wallet is where you can see all your earnings that you have on this AppStation Review and I was checking this wallet almost every single time I completed a level on a game which again is very unnecessary and really annoying AppStation actually offered me different applications to earn these coins from which I do appreciate not playing the same apps over and over again like I have been recently on these money making applications because yes guys there were some unique apps that I did play such as a beehive game a car wash game and a game where you have to grow a baby.


Earning Experience

Yes that is right for this AppStation Review I had to grow a baby but again everyone here we go because on that car wash game AppStation did not count for any of the gameplay that I invested into that game and I checked back they still have not rewarded me so that time is just completely missing the same thing happened to that baby game as well this is a big problem everyone okay and this is why you have to be careful with these applications though on a more positive note when AppStation did pay me for the applications they actually were quite fun to play.


I had an idle game where you run a sushi restaurant a bike racing game an island building game now just a little tip here everyone those idol games are the best way to actually earn money in my opinion and that's mainly because you just have to sit there and let the game play itself so all you need to do is literally press some buttons so I would actually sit down and watch YouTube while I had the phone on the table with the idle game playing on it by itself it's a very smart move everyone and I reckon that you should all do it is will save you a lot of time if you're able to play these idle games like I was.


AppStation Cash Out Options

Let's talk about the cash out options on AppStation I decided to go with PayPal because that's what I use here in my country but in saying that depending on what country you're from you'll have completely different options for cashing out so your minimum cash out might look completely different to my minimum cash out here in Australia the minimum cash out for PayPal was 9 900 coins for one dollar and 30 cents and the highest amount was 182 000 coins for 26.70 for iTunes though I only had two options for cashing out one was for ten dollars for seventy thousand coins and one was for fifteen dollars for one hundred and four thousand coins those were my really only options to cash out on AppStation. But now this is heating up because let me show you what it might look for someone living in the Philippines look at this everyone as you can see it's very different compared to my cash out screen here in Australia their minimum cash outs are different they have an actual different cash out option it's pretty crazy right how this application changes depending on your country gender and age if it was not for that wallet system though I would constantly be stressing out if the game is actually going to reward me for the time spent on it, I absolutely hated the fact that I had to keep checking the wallet over and over again it was so frustrating.

How Much I Earned

In this time and age you'd think that these money making applications would be able to record your time accurately that is a massive problem with AppStation for me and I know I've mentioned it a few times, but you have no idea how annoying it is to think that you're not going to get paid everyone but now I want to talk to you all about how long it actually took me to get to three dollars worth of cash out on AppStation I spent around 13 hours playing games for AppStation to earn three dollars Australian currency you are not hearing that wrong everyone 13 hours of time for three dollars now look I understand if I was just to leave my phone on the table and not do anything but the problem is that is not what you have to do for AppStation here in Australia I had to complete levels so I had to actually play these applications mainly even with the idle games I still had to play them and watch ads so that amount of time invested into this application in my books.


And It's not that good of a money making application if you are able to earn more than I did in that 13 hour span then you are very lucky and this application might be actually worth something to you but for me that was a massive waste of time 13 hours everyone for three dollars but all of that does not matter if the application does not pay and just a warning out there I've had many people be upset because they've tried to use these applications with vpns, and they get banned guys I'm sorry, but you cannot use VPNs with these apps the developers have called on to vpns, and they're banning them I can't do anything about it I'm just a YouTuber okay these are the developers that are making these rules if you can't use AppStation.


Is AppStation Legit Or A Scam? (Payment Proof)

Check out my channel's playlist of real paying applications I'm certain you'll find one in your country there as we now have 50 real paying apps on a playlist AppStation also features a face verification system and an email verification system so make sure you sign up with a valid email address and be ready to show your face on a selfie picture that's just how it works now everyone as I said these companies are getting stricter but they're also making it harder to earn money which I don't really understand now for the moment of truth did I get AppStation Payment Proof and actually pay me or not well everyone after submitting the verification that was requested of me I got paid within 24 hours of that initial request which is awesome to see but again 13 hours for three dollars I'm happy that it did actually reward us but I'm also not happy because of how long it actually took to earn that money.


Mind you with the amount of advertisements I watched these developers probably made easily 20 or 30 off me and that's being generous everyone I'm sure they earned even more all I can show you are my experience it is now up to you to investigate this application yourself and see if it's worth it or not for you in your country thank you so much for watching I'll see you all in one to two days stay safe out there see you around and I hope you enjoyed my AppStation Review.

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