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App Flame Review: A Legit Way to Earn or a Waste of Time?


This App Flame review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On App Flame:

Here's what we know about App Flame so far!

What if you could earn money just by playing your favourite games? Well App Flame is promising just that!  Here’s what you need to know how to make extra cash with App Flame straight from your mobile phone.


On this App Flame Review you'll see It’s a totally free app which means no in-app purchases, no advertising and also no deposit required. They will ask for your age and gender to suggest you games you will most likely enjoy though so please keep this in mind. This is why I stress on all of my reviews that money making applications will treat you differently depending on a multitude of factors. 


You can start earning by playing one or the several games available on this money making platform. There is a huge variety of games from arcade games to strategic or casual games. You can get surprised and discover new games regularly by logging in on a daily basis to see if the list has changed.


App Flame will track your time spent playing. The more you play, the more coins you earn and the faster you win your gift cards.


You can exchange coins to get your gift card on this App Flame Review also. Each gift card requires a specific number of coins. Once you reach that amount you can redeem your gift card. Either you can select a shopping gift card or you can directly get your money on your Paypal account, it's as simple as that.


Try it today and let me know what you think because once you level up by inviting your friends and family to collect some extra coins then you can get your favourite gift card!





​Hi everyone Vince here welcome to my App Flame review now App Flame is promising us the players to pay us money just for playing the games that they have on their application the question is though is this really a good way to earn money from your mobile phone that's what we're gonna find out on today's video let's kick this off.

Signup Bonus

When I first installed App Flame they gave me a 4499 coin bonus now if you don't know App Flame runs on a coin based currency system so everything you do on this application will reward you with coins you can then transfer your coins into real life money on the screen right now you'll be seeing the different cash out options that I had available here in my country depending on where you live obviously you're going to have different cash out options as well so here in Australia I was allowed to have PayPal and iTunes.

Cash Out Options

For this App Flame Review the PayPal allowed me to go all the way to 26 worth of a cash out and the iTunes was a max of 15 and thanks to that welcome bonus of almost 4 500 coins I was already halfway to cashing out on app flag so that is pretty generous of them to give us that starting bonus because most applications actually don't do that now heading over to the main page of App Flame I was given multiple ways to actually earn these in-game coins you either can play games to earn the coins which I think a majority of the people are going to do, or you can complete offers tasks and complete surveys now you can earn quite a bit of coins by completing the tasks or completing the surveys.


Earning System

I chose just to purely play games on today's video because I feel like that's what you guys would do as well now to the best of my knowledge when it comes to at flame everyone you either have two ways of playing the games to earn money you either have to complete the levels one by one on each of the selected games you want to play for this App Flame Review, or you can actually just get paid per minute now depending on where you live this is going to change dramatically as I said so please keep that in mind I wish that flank gave me the option to get paid per minute but that's sadly not what I got I had to actually complete levels to earn my coins which has its upsides and downsides.

What You Can Expect To Earn

Ok for the people that don't want to sit there on their phone and playing games you're probably not going to be happy with App Flame if you're lucky enough not to do that then you would be laughing because all you have to do is leave the game open, and you should be able to start earning those coins for free flame does have an invite to friends section as well where if you invite your friends you earn 25 of the coins that they earn, and they earn 25 of the coins that you earn which you will see on this App Flame Review. So you literally earn together I had easily over 10 different games that I could actually play to earn these in-game coins which I really can appreciate I love these type of applications that have variety on the games that you're allowed to play to earn with.


Some Issues I Found

Thankfully App Flame did not disappoint me now what I noticed is that some of the games did not credit me for my play time and that is a problem so if you guys play some of the levels out there on these games make sure you check back on App Flame. to see if it's registering the game or not because I absolutely believe that some of these games are broken when it comes to time recording and I really hope that flame fixes that, but it's my job as a reviewer here to actually warn you about that problem on this App Flame Review.

What You Can Expect To Earn On App Flame

Thankfully I was able to be rewarded for most of the games that I played but I did see two or three that did not reward me at all I would just quickly like to say please remember to hit like and subscribe and be sure to drop a comment as well guys and join my free newsletter links in the description below, and it all helps the channel grow cheers now keep in mind here everyone the more time-consuming games are going to give you more coins on my App Flame Review while the easy games like the ones where you don't really have to do much such as idle games they'll reward you with less amount of coin.


How Much I Earned On My App Flame Review

The most amount of coins that I received per level was around 324k coins and the least amount I think was literally like 20 per level so when you're trying to earn like hundreds of thousands of these coins to get the max pay-out of around 26 you definitely want to stick to the highest paying gain it roughly took me seven hours to cash out twice on App Flame I did two of the minimum cash outs of a dollar and 34 cents or so guys and I'm happy to say that the first one I actually received instantly which was crazy to me and I'm still waiting on the second one now, so it seems there's a certain time throughout the day that App Flame might process its payments so yes I'm happy to say that flame is legit still.


Is App Flame Legit Or Fake?

 What you will see on this App Flame Review is that It still is paying its players whether it's for everyone though that's completely up to your situation on how the application treats you remember based on gender age and country the App Flame Payment Proof is going to change either way I had a blast playing the games and I really hope you enjoyed today's video I'll be back tomorrow for another money making review see you later.

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