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A Happy Turtle Review: A Legit Money-Making Opportunity or Scam?


This A Happy Turtle review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Here's what we know about A Happy Turtle so far!


Hey everyone it's Vince here welcome to my A Happy Turtle review guys on today's review we're covering a money-making application called A Happy Turtle now A Happy Turtle just sounds so silly to say out loud but yes guys A Happy Turtle is a money-making application that's currently available on the Google Play Store as we speak now A Happy Turtle will apparently reward us with real-life money for playing games the thing is they also have features that include completing surveys and completing offers that allow us to earn extra money.

How Earning Works On A Happy Turtle

Now let me  cover the currency system in this A Happy Turtle Review as it is based on coins to then change into real life money now currently I only have PayPal cash out options and apple iTunes options okay but maybe in your country the cash out options will be different so that is something to keep in mind when going in to this application I do hope you enjoy please remember to hit like and subscribe if you did I also have a top 30 application list video available right now where you guys can check out the top money making apps that I found this year.

How Earning Changes Depending On Country

Once you've installed A Happy Turtle you would then be asked to actually enter in your age and your gender now the reason why this application asks for this information is because the way they recommend games for you to play is based on your age and your gender now I personally do not like this system. For this A Happy Turtle review I feel like everyone should be able to play the same applications no matter your age or gender I can sort of understand why they'll do it but I just don't like it I feel like their kind of limiting how many people can actually use their application.

Survey System & Other Earning Methods

By doing this kind of rules so everyone at first glance you can see that A Happy Turtle has a very nice layout applications like this really do make me happy for the sense of they make it so easy to understand what to do to earn the money they literally cannot make it any easier than just displaying the games in picture format for the A Happy Turtle review and having two options there to either complete surveys or complete offers now for the sake of this video I just purely stuck to playing games I don't really like completing surveys on these type of games.

Now that you have passed the sign-up page you'll be greeted to a whole list of applications that you should be able to play to earn money with you'll also be greeted with the survey option and the offers section now depending on what application that you play you'll be rewarded with a different amount of coins again depending on your country you might get rewarded per minute or per level completed here in Australia.

Different Ways To Earn Currency

I have to complete levels to get paid which really did frustrate me because I don't understand why some countries have different options this is the problem with money making applications in my opinion everyone and why I really want to start moving on to mainstream money making ways because these applications vary so much depending on certain countries on this A Happy Turtle review and the fact is as well some of these applications aren't even available in your country which is very frustrating to me as someone that wants to review money making apps, so it gets to the point where we're kind of in this loop of really hoping that you guys can actually play and use these applications the best thing that I can do here is just show you the application just in case you can actually use it.

Now you'll notice you have a lot of applications that you can actually install and start earning with, but the problem is these applications will all pay you coins in different amounts what I like to do when I play applications like these is actually pick the highest paying apps first and try and make as many coins as I can out of them before they either just stop paying me or I hit a daily limit I have encountered both of these issues before with these money making apps guys sometimes it doesn't even count my play time correctly.

Issues With Earning Methods

I'm always forced to constantly check my balance because yes there is a balance in this application where you can see the work that you've actually currently done for the money making app once I've drained the highest paying applications I then move to the lower paying ones and this is where the grind really starts to kick in okay you'll notice with the lower paying ones they're either actually quite hard apps to play in general for my A Happy Turtle review or they just take such a long time to actually earn coins on okay and if you're like me a level by level basis to get paid coins can either be a blessing or a curse because depending on the app that you are playing to earn those coins that will determine how many coins you're going to earn during that play session what I mean is think of it this way some games will reward you with coins every like 30 seconds or so because they're hyper casual games where you run around as like a cat or something like that.

Earning Experience

You complete the levels literally so fast like I did on my A Happy Turtle review but then you get the idle games which can sometimes take literally 10 or 15 minutes to progress in one level mind you with idle games the further you get into them usually the harder it is to actually level up so those 15 minutes can then turn into 30 minutes then 45 minutes per coins earned mind you, the coins for idle games are literally lower than the hyper casual games so why would I sit on an idle game for hours just to earn like half the amount of coins that I could earn on a hyper casual game it doesn't make sense really does it everyone that's why these level by level basis payments really don't appeal to me I'd much rather just get paid to open up an application and leave it running on my mobile phone which these applications used to allow here in Australia and I just can't get over that everyone I want that system back the games themselves though they were fine to play they were all fun in their own unique ways okay and that's something I can appreciate at least.

How Much I Earned On A Happy Turtle

I wasn't stuck with playing two or three of the same apps over and over again but as I said depending on your play style and depending what kind of earning functionality is actually available to you in your country your results will vary it's as simple as that everyone what you're seeing on this review might be completely different to what you'll experience when you install A Happy Turtle on your mobile phone now the main thing is here though is the application actually going to pay us well everyone it took me around eight hours to get to the minimum cash out of around a dollar and sixty cents European currency I played as many applications as I could, and it comes to the point where you have to think is eight hours of grinding through this application for this A Happy Turtle review worth it just for a dollar and sixty euro I mean honestly it all depends on your country here in Australia that's terrible.

Maybe in your country a dollar sixty euro actually means quite a bit for eight hours of work okay again depends on the currency situation in your country I can't stress it enough you can never come into these applications expecting to get rich it's as simple as that guys I can never ever say this enough okay sure you can earn money but the amount of money is greatly exaggerated on the ads for these apps I decided to cash out as soon as I could two times on the minimum cash out option of A Happy Turtle.

Is A Happy Turtle Legit Or A Scam? (Payment Proof)

What I found out while getting my A Happy Turtle payment proof is that it did actually pay me within 24 hours of requesting that cash out twice by the way so there we have it everyone we have another application that's pretty much built on the exact same concept as all the other money making applications this year like this A Happy Turtle review I really hope they get some new ideas soon because these applications are literally just copy and paste of each other at this point thank you all so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this review I'll catch you all the once two days please remember to check out my channel for other money making content see you next time.

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